City Loggers


At City Loggers we use a variety of hardwoods including sugar maple, oak, beech, and fruit trees in our Variety of mixes.

Standard Mix 

Our standard mix comes split to 12" to 16" pieces and can be ordered by face cord or Bush cord.

Most popular with residential clients using fire places and wood stoves, home heating, and camp fires.

Chef Mix

A blend of fragrant hardwoods with distinct aromas including sugar maple, cherry, apple and oak added into the mix. 

Split 12" to 16" piece mix available in Bush Cord

Chips and Chunks also available upon request.

Ideal for restaurants, pizza ovens, grills, smokers and outdoor wood ovens.

Bagged wood

Our standard mix available in convenient, easy to handle bags.    Pick up some on your way to the cottage or campsite!  Also available for commercial purposes, great for businesses with limited storage space.

Comes 40 bags per pallet, for delivery or pickup, or sold individually for pickup only at many convenient locations throughout the GTA.

Firestarter Bricks

Having trouble lighting that fire?  We offer firestarter bricks in packs of 8 or 20 pieces to help.  Foodsafe and burns for 10-15 min.