Premium Chef Mix
A blend of fragrant hardwoods with distinct aromas including sugar maple, black cherry, walnut, apple, white oak, other various fruit and nut woods.
Split 12" - 16"  mix available in Bush Cord

Chips and Chunks also available.

Ideal for pizza ovens, smokers, grills, outdoor wood ovens,  patios and bonfires.

Restaurants and Cooking

At City Loggers we believe in providing quality wood for your restaurant so you can make the best food on the block!

Our Hardwood is Chef tested and selected for high heat burning capabilities as well as for aroma and maximum flavor.

We deliver in a timely manner and make sure our restaurants are taken care of!

Smoker Chips and Wood Chunks

At City Loggers we offer a blend of smoker chips to provide the best aroma and flavor. 

We have a variety of sugar maple, fruit and nut wood chunks perfect for bbq, grilling and smoking.

Call, text or email for more info.

Custom Mix and Cuts

If you are looking for a specific type of wood, or specific size please call, text or email for info.

**Custom cuts, extra charge.  Please allow extra time for custom cuts as they are cut especially for you!

City Loggers

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Best Firewood for Cooking

Cooking over firewood has many advantages and is one of the hot trends of 2019!  Whether its in your fire pit, pizza oven, wood oven ,fireplace barbecue, or smoker,  cooking wood can add great flavor and aromas to your grilled and smoked foods. 

Dense hardwoods are best here.
Sweet smelling fruit woods, like apple wood, cherry wood and sugar maple are perfect companions to grilled and smoked foods. Their aroma complements food beautifully. Oak, being one of the hardest and most dense woods, burns hot and long and is definitely a good barbecue cooking wood, but doesn't have as much distinct flavor as the fruit woods. It does impart a strong smoky flavor though which is great for smoking meats.  A mix of woods it key to get all the benefits!
Some of the strongest smokey flavors come from hardwoods like hickory and mesquite. They can be a great compliment to certain meats and poultry but have a very distinctive aroma. If you don't want their strong signature aromas in your food, stick to the milder fruit woods or oak.