City Loggers Firewood Emblem
City Loggers Firewood Emblem
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City Loggers believes in giving back to the environment.

This is why every Spring we host our annual tree planting BBQ featuring La Grill BBQ. This allows us to replant trees every year with our growing community of friends and family! ​

It's all about the age-old exclamation - "Quality matters!"

You can count on us to deliver just when you need it. Our products speak for us, living up to our reputation of providing nothing short of the best. Why settle for anything less?

All our firewood is hardwood including species such as Oak, Sugar Maple, Cherry, Beech, and Apple. We never add filler or any soft wood to the mix.​​

We know that quality and affordability matters when it comes to selecting firewood for your home or business. That's why we ensure that our premium hardwood firewood is dry, clean, and efficiently burns with minimal chimney buildup or residue. Plus, our low prices mean you're getting the best value for wood.

Did you know at City Loggers we have the biggest, fastest firewood processor in Canada?

An import from American top engineers in firewood technology. Rapido Loco the Slasher saw is 6 feet wide, 40 ton ram driven by a CAT 200 hp twin turbo diesel, capacity of tree length and a 30 inch diameter log producing 20 bush cords, a log truck load in 5 to 6 hours!

​​​About Us 

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Big truck delivering premium quality hardwood firewood in a forest
City Loggers firewood processing equipment and saw
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Reputable Firewood Specialists Helping You Get the Right Wood for Your Specific Needs​​​

Trusted Serving Firewood | 59, 210 Homes | 56 Restaurants | Over 59 Retail Locations | 10 Campgrounds | 23 Commercial Properties​​

Our firewood processor is the biggest in Canada. It eats full tree lengths in a matter of minutes; its 6 ft. circular saw has capabilities of a 32 inch diameter log. So don't be fooled by those fake beavers out and around. Go with real legit, “go big or go home” Firewood Supplier with delivery right to your home.