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City Loggers Firewood Emblem
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​A fragrant blend of hardwoods with distinct aromas including Sugar Maple, Cherry, Apple, and Oak. This "cooking wood mix" has been Chef tested and selected for its high heat burning capabilities, aroma, and maximum flavour. Cut and split into 12" - 16" pieces, this mix is available in Bush Cord. Ideal for restaurants, pizza ovens, grills, smokers, and outdoor wood ovens.


City Loggers Premium Chef Mix Multipurpose Firewood Bag

This is our Standard Mix available in convenient, easy to handle bags. Why not pick up some bags on your way to the cottage or campsite? Also available for commercial purposes - they're great for businesses with limited storage space.

* available in 48 bags/skid for delivery and pick-up.

* sold individually for pick-up at many fine retailer locations throughout the GTA.

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City Loggers firewood bags being sold in a storefront shop
Dry seasoned hardwood firewood pile outside
Firewood pile


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All of our firewood is dried premium hardwood. ​ Our firewood is cut to a length of 12 to 16 inch lengths, mainly 16 inch cuts (our bagged firewood contains more cuts on the smaller side). Quarter split width pieces from various tree notches, limbs, etc. ​

Face Cord: ​​ 1 stacked row 12 to 16 inch width: 8 ft. length x 4 ft. high  = 43 cu. ft. 

Two (2) Face Cords: 2 rows stacked 32 to 33 inch width each row: 8 ft. long x 4 ft. high = 86 cu. ft. 

Three (3) Face Cords = One (1) Bush Cord: ​3 rows stacked 48 to 49 inch width each row is 8 ft. long x 4 ft. high = 129 cu. ft.

​* if you have specific requests for the size of the firewood, such as larger pieces for a sizable wood stove/fireplace, or smaller cut and split pieces for smaller stoves, please share your preference during the ordering process.

City Loggers is proud to serve restaurants, commercial establishments, and the public across the GTA, Toronto, and Muskoka for quick, efficient, and convenient firewood pick up and delivery services!


This is a Premium Cooking Wood Mix that has been Chef tested and selected for high heat burning capabilities, aroma, and maximum flavour. Perfect for all your cooking and smoking needs.

In stores across Ontario, it contains a fragrant blend of hardwoods with distinct aromas including Sugar Maple, Black Cherry, Walnut, Apple, White Oak, and other various fruit and nut woods. These pieces are cut slightly smaller than usual to fit the bags.

An axe coming down chopping hardwood firewood

This service offers two options for firewood delivery: wood taken from an indoor pile and an outdoor pile. The Indoor Pile is a more expensive choice, but the wood is dry and free of snow and ice during winter months. ​The Outdoor Pile is subject to weather conditions and while it is less expensive, the wood may be wet and heavier, causing potential inconvenience when moving, stacking, and/or waiting for the wood to dry out. Clients are free to choose their preferred option.   

*price pending volume and location


Our Firewood Bags and Firestarter Boxes are now for sale on Amazon Canada!

Now you can skip the hassle and get it delivered!


Having trouble lighting that fire? Try our Made in Ontario Firestarter bricks! Food safe, fast, & effective, they continuously burn for 10 - 14 minutes. Lights firewood and charcoal with little to no effort, eliminates the need for kindling, and are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. City Loggers Firestarter bricks can be used safely in fireplaces, campfires, wood stoves, charcoal grills, BBQs, and more.


Our Standard Mix includes a variety of hardwoods including Sugar Maple, Oak, Beech, and various fruit trees. It comes cut and split to 12" - 16" pieces, ordered by Face Cord or Bush Cord. Most popular with residential clients using fireplaces, wood stoves, for home heating, and campfires.

​Convenient Hardwood Firewood Delivery and Pick Up Services

Indoor & Outdoor Stored Wood Pile Options

Gourmet pizza baking inside a wood burning pizza oven